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Fingerprints Of The Gods: The Evidence Of Earth S Lost Civilization

The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilizations

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that Earth has been home to several advanced civilizations that have been lost to history. These civilizations may have existed thousands or even millions of years ago,...

Melvin Blair profile pictureMelvin Blair6 min read
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Toward: Poems Moira Linehan
Miguel Nelson profile pictureMiguel Nelson

Toward Poems: Exploring the Ethereal Realms of Moira...

In the realm of contemporary Irish poetry,...

·5 min read
Kull The Destroyer (1973 1978) #14 (Kull The Conqueror (1971 1978))
Edmund Hayes profile pictureEdmund Hayes

Kull the Destroyer (1973-1978) and Kull the Conqueror...

Created by legendary fantasy author...

·4 min read
Butterflies And Hornets Ethan Cobb
Gabriel Garcia Marquez profile pictureGabriel Garcia Marquez
·5 min read
English Mystery Plays: A Selection (English Library)
Aubrey Blair profile pictureAubrey Blair

English Mystery Plays: A Window into Medieval Theater and...

Mystery plays, a captivating blend of...

·5 min read
The Covenant Of Genesis: A Novel (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase 4)
Camden Mitchell profile pictureCamden Mitchell
·5 min read
Worlds Begin: The Heir To The Firstborn Creation Myth
D'Angelo Carter profile pictureD'Angelo Carter
·6 min read

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